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Welcome to REMEDICA Australia

The Natural Science of Skin Care.

REMEDICA Australia offers a range of luxurious, effective and natural skincare products based on natural remedies combined with modern science, as an alternative to synthetic chemical laden products. Intensive phyto nutrient based product lines for healthy, radiant and most importantly, self reliant skin.


Why Choose REMEDICA?

In believing and following the principle…that the correct balance of natural lipids and hydration are the key to healthy skin functioning equaling beautiful skin, REMEDICA works to balance and restore by reintroducing oils in skin care regimes to bring about optimal skin function…no matter what type of skin disharmony is involved.

  • We use organic ingredients
  • 100% safe for your skin
  • We do not test our products on animals
  • We deliver on select countries globally

The range offers natural skin health products targeted at specific skin needs as well as exquisite body and bath products. REMEDICA uses some of the most unique, highly coveted and effective natural ingredients from around the world, from rare and exquisite essential oils to ethno-specific vegetals and botanical.

REMEDICA products prove that natural can be luxurious, sophisticated and effective. Ranges extend from the core visage oleo nutritive serums, utilizing highly active compounds of essential oils and vitamins for all skin conditions including mature, dry, normal, sensitive, oily and acne-prone through the ethno botanically specialized Richesse de l’Afrique Organics line of cleansing and body care, the exquisitely decadent Monoi de Tahiti based body range, signature organic triple hand–milled soaps, to REMEDICA’s other specialized products for hands, feet, and personal care.


We only use organic ingredients in producing our products


We have a wide range of products for your daily skincare


Remedica has always and will continue to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee


We ensure that our products are safe and effective for our customers


Cool Facts About REMEDICA

In 2000, Lisa Phipps, inspired by the complexities and sophisticated Natural Chemical Compounds within essential oils began formulating specialized essential and vegetable oil based skin care serums developed on work and research over many years, extending from aromatherapy and phyto chemistry research and principles. As one of the first to pioneer commercially in the Australian cosmetic market the use essential oils to enhance the effectiveness of 100% oil compounds for the improvement and balancing of certain skin conditions Lisa’s vision to develop intense, nutrient rich “active” formulas for topical skin care was soon manifested with the launch in 2002 of the visage oleo nutritive serums for 4 (four) skin types.

Having developed and released the oleo visage series, Lisa went on to express both critical formulation outcomes and passion for integrity in skincare with a full range of products from the high tech to ethno-botanical simplicity. In response to customer demand for not just friendly labeling and naturally based product but for more effective skin solutions REMEDICA Australia Pty Ltd was launched in Australia.

As an experienced and knowledgeable formulator, Lisa now collaborates with some of Australia’s leading cosmetic and bio-specialist scientists, widening and making available the national and global resource pool that can only benefit REMEDICA customers.

In 2005, REMEDICA being firmly established in the Australian Market caught the attention of the international market, specifically Japan and Korea. By 2006 REMEDICA started exporting the unique signature organic triple hand-milled soaps then extending to other lines.

REMEDICA, in continuing to develop superior quality products for its Australian Customers, continues to evolve by bringing new products and expanding into other international markets.

The full range of REMEDICA Australia is available within this site as well as stockists in Australia, Japan and Korea. Please feel free to shop with us or contact any of our listed stockists directly and benefit from one on one, personal and direct customer care and advice.

It is without saying that REMEDICA’s ingredients are of the highest quality. REMEDICA applies certified organic botanicals, essential oils, and vegetals wherever possible with an average organic content of at least 70%.

REMEDICA focuses on free radical, age fighting antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatory and oleo based skin nutritives:

  • Indigenous to Australia and other ethno botanical specific certified organics and natural ingredients
  • Rare and exquisite essential oils
  • Vital essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, enzymes and proteins
  • Cold pressed, non-hydrogenated organic nut, seed and fruit oils (vegetals)

Being based on advanced natural delivery systems, REMEDICA does not just simply rest on the ideology of friendly label statements. REMEDICA products also work. Formulations developed for all skin types and are a result of a sophisticated use of both nature and advanced scientific actives to help affect and minimise the visible signs of aging and help the skin to look after itself for long term – optimum skin condition. Core to REMEDICA formulations are deliverance of high-tech natural skin care combining phyto-rich nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and other essential minerals.

REMEDICA is Made in Australia, providing a genuinely effective alternative in organic and natural skin care. Free of mineral oils, genetically modified matter, artificial colours, ethoxylates, petrochemicals, aluminium, DEA (MEA, TEA), and animal testing.

REMEDICA has always and will continue to offer a 100% Purchase Price Money Back on all products. We offer this guarantee unconditionally, and can offer a replacement product, credit or refund. We are so sure that within 3 weeks of trying REMEDICA you will see a difference in skin, feel a difference and experience the same assurance we have with what we devote so much time in producing….skin care that works, that loves skin and that you love using.

We love animals, we are against animal testing.

REMEDICA Australia is against animal testing and does not apply this method of testing for any of their product. REMEDICA notes sufficient safety, testing and peer reviewed literature already in existence as well as adequate and globally accepted test methods other than animal testing.