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<span>, PERTH</span>
"Just taken delivery of my Remedica products – already used the incredible soap, and as for the Richesse de L’Afrique – this surely has to be the closet to heaven in a jar for skin!!! Although I was rather hesitant about the Vanilla and Shea Nut Body Butter, since my experience with similar ingredients, the vanilla proves somewhat overpowering, this is certainly not the case with your product. I will be using the serum tomorrow – or perhaps this evening if my impatience takes over!!

Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. I shall be ordering more products for Xmas gifts very soon. I’m also reading the info you sent with my order – I love knowing as much as I can about the fabulous ingredients."

- J. Taylor, PERTH
<span>, PERU - via</span>
"As a good Latina, I grew up in an environment where products with more perfume were thought as the best. Anyway, took me few decades until a friend introduce me to an organic beauty product and I wanted to share how I became no. 1 fan of this Remedica soap. I love its natural aroma. But most important, it is the best ever product the skin I have ever tried. I felt so lucky I found such a great product for my skin. Anyway, hope this testimonial is useful for others."
- Joanna, PERU - via
<span>, NORTHERN NSW</span>
"I’m writing to say that I think the Allez Allez, insect repellent we purchased is the best thing since sliced bread and may be even better – we might need to go back to the wheel for a better invention. Truly, while everyone else was being zapped my March flies and mosses at our recent workday, I was blissfully free of everything. And it smells so pleasant and seems to be very healthy.

So thank you – expect many more orders as we spread the word."

<span>, Eastern Suburbs (Sydney) NSW</span>
"I have had problem skin for years and have tried every product under the sun with mixed results until now. Luckily I discovered REMEDICa and now only have to use 3 products: Richesse Anago cleansing paste,hydra mist and sensitive visage. In just a few short weeks my skin has improved dramatically and friends have complimented me on my glowing skin."
- S. Taylor, Eastern Suburbs (Sydney) NSW
<span>, Drummoyne NSW</span>
"I LOVE REMEDICa products, I was really happy with my Naturopath for recommending the Serums and African Black Soap after I mentioned I was looking for an all natural skin regimen. My favorite by far is the “regenerate visa gel”. I wake up and my skin is hydrated, smooth and plump. I also love the smell of the essential oils when I’m applying the product. I’ve got another one of my friends hooked and she is spreading the word about REMEDICa as well – I recommend this brand to everyone."
- N. McMurray, Drummoyne NSW
<span>, NSW</span>
"I purchased the Richesse Anago Cleansing Paste in February after becoming frustrated with my skin breakouts. I was using cleansers which not only aggravated my acne, but cost me a fortune. This was a last resort as I had a prescription for Accutane from my dermatologist to clear my skin. I was determined to avoid having to take this medication as I did not want my skin to go through 6 months of trauma. After using the cleansing paste for just over two months, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin. I only get the occasional pimple which to me, is normal! Today is actually the first day I have walked into work WITHOUT makeup on and I feel confident as ever. I just want to thank you for such a wonderful and affordable product!"
- S. Bahi, NSW
<span>, Sydney, NSW</span>
"Thanks for the REMEDICa goods – especially the Body Milk Veloute and the Pure Baobab Oil (this I bought for my son but I tried it first and needless to say he never got it). They’ve been wonderful. I suffer from psoriasis on my hands and find that the Baobab Oil is one of the few things I’ve found that actually helps (indeed if there is any left over I use it on my hair as well). Oh and also I must thank you for the Allez Allez – it fits nicely in my bag along with 3,000 other items (or so my husband says).

Once again been good doing business and look forward to next time."

- J. Fludder, Sydney, NSW
<span>, Shanghai, China</span>
"One thing that Shanghai have a lot of here is mosquitoes. When I was back in Australia I bought your Allez product in Sydney (and I am a naturopath). I would have to say that it has been the most effective natural insect repellent that I have used and my kids are happy for me to smear it on them!"
- Dianne, Shanghai, China
<span>, South Australia</span>
"It’s rare to find a range of truly natural products that deliver exactly what they promise. From the brilliantly versatile anago paste (amazing for babes and adults alike) to the amazing skin serums (vital and sensitive), which brought my skin back from post-pregnancy pigmentation to smooth, glowing and even-toned. I love going ‘bare-faced’; knowing that REMEDICa is caring for my skin."
- J. Milton, South Australia
<span>, Collaroy Plateau NSW</span>
"I have been using your REMEDICa products for almost 3 yrs now and am hooked, nothing else comes close. I love the way they make me feel….. I completely indulge in the “me” time that your products allow, my ticket to sheer bath time bliss.

Maybe it’s the unique organic ingredients you use that make them so luxurious, who knows, but I know that I feel very special after using them and love the sensation that they create, mentally as well as physically, I feel like a goddess, and i now know how Cleopatra felt when she bathed in milk !!!!!"

- A. Jones, Collaroy Plateau NSW
<span>, Gold Coast, QLD</span>
"Whilst on holiday I discovered REMEDICa soaps and discovered how wonderful they all were – certainly the best soaps I have ever used – from the first wash to the last of the bar. From that initial experience I now use skin care products as well as soaps from REMEDICa’s range. All the skin care products and soaps are not only so good for my skin but I no longer have a bathroom full of chemical containing products."
- S. Iremonger, Gold Coast, QLD