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We bring you the soap best suit for your skin

These large, rustic looking organic soaps are truly remarkable in skin feel and emollience. Totally unlike conventional, commercial and even other “hand-crafted” soaps on the market today.

With a minimum 60% organic and certified organic content REMEDICA utilizes a pain staking and labour intensive production of triple hand milling whereby the most fragile and sensitive organic ingredients are only added in the final mill at low heat and after all sodium hydroxide (Lye) has evaporated out of the soap. This process, which usually takes the soap making regime from beginning to end cure 16 weeks to 26 weeks in total (depending on season and humidity), ensures the high integrity and absolute optimum level of vegetable oils, milks and precious organics present in the finished product.

REMEDICA’s soap making craft stems from French hand milling and traditions of European Castile (100% olive oil soaps) and the extra time and effort to produce these bars is really worth it… a soap offering authenticity of ingredients, ethic of production methods and leaving a silky, soft and pampered skin.

REMEDICA branded soaps select superior grade natural, organic and certified organic ingredients, fresh herbs and plant extracts, exquisite aromatic absolutes, resins and essential oils.

These soaps are extremely emollient and kind to skin and because of the process of manufacturing are generally mild enough for even sensitive skin, facial and body cleansing.


All REMEDICA branded soaps are tallow free and synthetic free (including fragrance and colour unless otherwise labelled) and contain a base of 100% Australia Virgin and Certified Organic Virgin Olive (first process / milling).

Directions: for a longer lasting bar, it is recommended that the soap be allowed to drain/dry between use.


We only use organic ingredients in producing our products

All first hand-milling of soap is made from 100% Australian Virgin & Certified organic Virgin Olive oil in the tradition of European Castile and from this point on these treasured soaps are built upon some of the most exquisite, fragile and skin emollient ingredients from Australia and the world.

  • The most exquisite and superior Certified Organic Extra—Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (food grade) we have found to date. This coconut oil, is NOT hydrogenated, bleached or deodorized and simply good enough to eat by the spoonful.
  • Fresh filleted Aloe Vera & Barbadensis Gel. Straight from the leaf to the soap mix…no artificial gels or preservatives added
  • Milks: Cream, Goats Milk, Buttermilks, Yogurts, Coconut Cream, Oat and Rice Milks adding a richness and creamy lather to the soap and skin
  • Native / Indigenous to Australia botanicals—Wattle Seed, Blood Lime, Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian Lavender, Blue Gum Eucalyptus
  • Selected Unrefined, Certified Organic and superior grades of Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Hemp Seed, Australian Virgin Olive Oil
  • Superior grade and Certified organic Essential oils, Resinoids and in some cases Absolutes
  • Manuka Honey and Certified organic Honey & Beeswax

Come Experience the Natural Science of Skincare

We have variety of organic soaps you may choose from