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Monoi De Tahiti Gift Pack (3 piece)


Experience the intoxication of Tahitian Coconut infused with Tiare Flower for sun-kissed shimmer, soft velvety skin and totally luxurious bathing…. FOR ALL SKIN

Includes: 1 x 100ml Monoi Blue (Bath and Body Oil), 1 x 100ml Monoi Gold (Shimmer Body Oil), 1 x 250g Monoi Tiare Flower Milk Bath with coconut cream and dead sea minerals.

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Product Description

A fast absorbing and lightweight body oil with a golden shimmer for a sun kissed glow. With added Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut for moisturisation and a delicate, natural perfume (tiara blossom). Excellent for dry skin, dry damaged hair.

A light weight, fast absorbing body moisturising oil which can also be used for the bath or massage.

Our most luxurious bath milk creation – Tiare flower with coconut cream, tiny chips of cocoa butter and melted monoi all mixed with Dead Sea and Himalayan Salts…..Intoxicating!

What Is Monoi?

Genuine Monoi de Tahiti is the result of an enfleurage (extracting active or aromatic ingredients by macerating the Tahitian Tiara Flower into virgin coconut oil). An exact production process from the soils in the geographic area of French Polynesia exclusively. Only the young, unopened Gardenia Tahitensis Blossom (Tiara flower) are hand picked and soaked in the first pressed coconut oil within 24 hours of their harvest. A minimum of ten buds are soaked in each litre of oil. It is the blending of the two indigenous ingredients—sun dried, ripened coconut kernel extract from the rich Tahitian volcanic soil and the sweet tiara flower that the island dwellers refer to as “Monoi” which means “sweet scented oil” in traditional Tahitian language.

Like coconut oil – product may solidify during cooler temperatures. To liquefy, simply run closed bottle under warm water for a few moments, shake then open closure and use.

An appellation d’Origine is applied to all traditional and authentically produced Monoi.


  • Can be applied direct to skin, added to a warm bath or used as a sensual massage oil,
  • Tahitian Gardenia Flower “ tiare” are rich in salicylates aiding in skin suppleness and hydration,
  • Tahitian Cocos Nucifera exclusively from the mineral rich volcanic soils of the Tahitian Islands,
  • Monoi exhibits more effectiveness in respect to skin hydration than regular refined coconut oil,
  • Intoxicating, natural tiara fragrance,
  • Preservative Free.


Apply directly to skin as a moisturising oil immediately after shower. While skin is still moist rub a few drops of Monoi oil in hands and massage all over or use as a bath oil by applying only a few drops to warm water.


  • Luxurious skin feel, light weight, fast absorbing.
  • A combination of the coconut oil’s natural anti-fungal abilities and the natural antiseptic properties of the gardenia oil (rich in methyl salicylate) ensures a significant protection of the epidermis and the scalp against mycosis (persistent dry redness, rashes) and dermatitis,
  • When applied to the skin Monoi leaves a thin layer on the epidermis, softening and protecting skin without blocking vital functions,

Product Care: For a full 12 months life of product, keep out of direct sunlight, lid closed when not in use and store below 30 degrees.

Additional Information

Weight 1.500 kg


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