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When a body butter is more than just a body butter….

Richesse de l’Afrique Vanilla & Shea Body Butter


As part of REMEDICA’s Organic and African Fair Trade range Richesse de l’Afrique, the Vanilla & Shea Body Butter stands ahead of other body butters on the market today. An extremely rich, nourishing and protective formula yet with no greasiness as it sinks quickly into the skin.

Vanilla & Shea Body Butter is a luxurious and sophisticated yet natural formula combining organic Fair Trade unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana with South African Baobab Oil, Vanilla, Honey, Aloe Vera and exclusive jojoba encased vitamin beads of pure Tocopherol (E) and Retinol Palmitate (A).

The jojoba encasing of these vitamins protects them from degradation caused by light and oxidisation (often the case in products packaged in jars), so when applied to the skin and rubbed in, the vitamins are absorbed in optimum condition.

Our Shea Butter Story…

REMEDICa uses only unrefined, Fair Trade sourced shea butter collected from the Guli Tihitaribu Women Agricultural Coop of West Africa and which offers superior quality and levels of natural skin healing fatty acids. Its organic certification is issued by Control Union Certifications.

The butter is extracted from the fruit kernel of the Karite tree and bears a high content of valuable fatty acid which gives Shea Butter its unique healing properties. Far superior to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters on the market, our unrefined Shea Butter in its original form is a dense and creamy off-white to yellow colour which softens and melts at body temperature. It naturally contains in its unrefined form vitamins A, E and F, and high level of cinnamic acid (a natural sun screen) which reportedly and depending on seasonal variations in yield, can offer a mild SPF 4-9, and a natural form of skin elasticising latex. It has an earthy, natural smell and can provide relief for just about any skin condition from simply dry skin and preventing stretch marks to pathologies such as eczema and dermatitis. Some benefits include:

Daily moisturisation and relieving dry skin, soothing rashes, preventing rashes (acting as a moisture barrier) including diaper rash with babies, after sun care, soothing itching skin, reducing razor irritation when shaving, assist with healing such as minor skin wounds, burns and cracks, soften tough skin, stretch mark prevention during pregnancy, soothing irritations associated with eczema and creating an effective moisture barrier to skin in order to assist with the retention of moisture levels, helps to restore elasticity to skin and can even restore lustre to hair.

Other products containing our African Fair Trade organic and unrefined Shea Butter :

  • Richesse Gentle Anago Cleansing Exfoliator (scrub for body and face),
  • Richesse Pure Organic Shea Butter & Aloe Vera Emollient
  • Richesse Body Milk Veloute
  • All Signature and Deluxe Signature Organic Soaps containing Shea Butter
  • Fig Litsea Hand and Nail cream hydrant (with sunscreen), and Fig LitseaHydra.Heel

While REMEDICa makes no medical claims about our Shea Butter, we have much evidence from various customers suffering eczema and even psoriasis, who have found success using our Organic Shea and Aloe Emollient for soothing and treating such symptoms as itchiness, dryness and burning sensations.


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